Feel tired, anxious or just negative most of the time? If that’s you, then it’s time for a new perspective. 

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Here are some actual results of clients who have worked with me…

I always use ‘outcome measures’ to gain feedback… Plus I have proven results with my clients with over 30 pages of case studies and personal transformations…

“Upbeat and calm –
a great combo! Lots of tips and ideas.
Very practical.”​​

​ ”Your own true nature was great-
I learned to connect with others and nature.
Very interactive and professional.” ​​
​“Lots of tips and ideas.. 
Shifted my mindset and informative.”​​
Very positive.

Bridport Mindfest Delegates after
Getting Their D.O.S.E of Happiness.

“I have participated in a couple of Maria’s sessions now.
They have been a real reminder of just how wonderful nature is
at helping to restore a sense of calm.
She has provided some great tips for managing stress
that are easy to fit into a busy day.
I will definitely be visiting my favourite tree in the park soon!”  

Emma Scott – Treasurer with the Women’s Action Network Dorset (WAND).  

“ Working with Maria is my go-to solution whenever anyone
in my family is struggling to cope with
life or exam stress or anything at all.  
She has a way of clarifying and
calming down all your troubles
by the end of a session.
I highly recommend her.” 

Geeta Sidhu-Robb ~ CEO and Founder of Nosh De-Tox  .
Maria Morris

Calm Body – Clear Mind.

When you’re anxious, stressed or worried, you want a way out

You don’t want to read volumes, be lectured to, or wade through another boring tutorial video.

You want answers and you want them now.

That’s why I’ve made this brief, yet so simple almost everyone
can benefit.

Wellness Walkabouts.

More than just a mindful walk.

Just 6 minutes out in nature improves focus, productivity and creativity.​

Think of it as “Nature Snacking.”​

Cup of Calm.

If you… 

Like nature 

Want to feel up to 150% better 

Would like to banish stress, headaches, tensions or feeling tired 

Wish to stay more focused or alert 

Need time out from your day, work and busy – ness – time for just you. 

Who is Maria Morris?

Maria started out as an Occupational Therapist.

Working for over thirty years with individuals, companies and Government in both physical and mental health settings. 

Often with the most challenging or complex needs. 

Such as people with chronic pain, cancer, fatigue, muscular issues or severe trauma. 

Even those suffering from PTSD, depression, anger, anxiety or even attempted to end their lives.

Maria won Vocational Rehabilitation Association Practitioner of the Year 2021 for her work with clients suffering acquired brain injury and other traumas returning to work. Often 10-15 years after their injury when Doctors thought they would never work.

She used nature or visioneering and mindfulness as one tool to help them focus and gain clarity.

Four Times Maria was asked and accepted being a Co-sponsor and Organiser of Fit for Work – Fit for Life. A health and wellness at work awareness event to a variety of over 150 employers, insurance clients and CEO’s. ​​

​​She was a Guest Speaker to organisations such as the Royal College of Nursing, London Hazard Centre, House of Commons, NHS, and to six Universities including Southampton, Canterbury, Brunel, and York​​.

Today Maria has a unique recipe for a healthier, stress-free life. Using all the key senses to calm your body and mind fast. 

Join her and she will show you the same ways she helps her clients disappear stress both in body and mind.  

Which means you have a calm body and a clear mind and using nature even if you cannot get outside.  

One client suffering from depression recently told me “I never had a session like this before. I feel 150% better.” Or” I feel like I have been hugged from the inside out”  

Nature Therapy has been around since 1892. It’s been well documented and researched since then…

“Nature therapy provides a route for people to develop a new relationship with the natural world through noticing, feeling, beauty, celebration and care.”​​

Pathways via…​

Senses – tuning in to nature through our senses​​

Emotions – feeling alive through the feeling nature brings​​

Beauty – noticing nature’s beauty​​

Meaning – nature brings meaning to our lives​​

Compassion – caring for and taking action for nature​

​Source: University of Derby.


More than just a mindful walk. Just 6 minutes out in nature improves focus, productivity and creativity.

Think of it as “Nature Snacking.”

Nature is in ​​
our DNA​​

You’ll instantly ​feel vibrant, ​energised and ​rejuvenated.​​

Because you’ll gofrom left brain thinking to rightbrain thinking you’llknow exactly how to achieve our goals. ​​


“Look deep into nature ~You’ll understand everything better”Albert Einstein

Nature improves your sleep

​Lowers Blood Your Pressure​

​Improves Your Immune system​

​​Helps you concentrate and get into the flow.​​

​​All it takes is just 16 minutes of walking ​​or exercise you get a natural ​high​ called Endorphins. ​​

​​Which makes you feel great about yourself and your life.​​

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Everyone needs their daily 
D.O.S.E. of happy chemicals 

They are…





Releasing these makes you happier and healthier and more energetic every day. 

Eco or Nature Therapy

It has been described by experts as the next BIG thing in therapy and a step up from conventional Psychotherapy. 

Fundamental to ecotherapy is our connection to the natural world and the environment we live within.  

Ecotherapy uses a range of practices in order to help us connect with nature and ultimately with our ‘inner’ nature.  

Personal distress can be alleviated by developing the mutual connection between inside and outside. Ecotherapy is about personal healing and healing for the earth. 

In Washington, D.C., Robert Zarr, a paediatrician, writes prescriptions for visiting parks.

He pulls out a prescription pad and scribbles instructions—which park his obese or diabetic or anxious or depressed patient should visit, on which days, and for how long—just as though he were prescribing medication. 

He is not the only one. Mental health experts, therapists and medics worldwide are now recognising its value.

Latest News!

I am excited to be working in collaboration with Hawk and Heath. 

Helping them and Your Own True Nature to spread the power of nature message. 

Giving you… 

Lots of mini video nature based activities or invitations to enjoy nature “exercises”

for a calmer body and clearer mind.

Grow your own virtual tree when tracking your nature treks. 

Information about nature  benefits

Directory of nature experts. 

I am one of them.

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